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Runnin W Wildlife Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are funded solely through private donations, fundraising and grants. Requests for assistance with wildlife come from state and federal agencies, individuals, law enforcement, and veterinarians. We survive and are able to help animals because of your support and generosity.

Donate through PayPal by clicking on the button below.

By mail, make a check or money order to:
Runnin’ W Wildlife Center. | PO Box 980 | Cornville, AZ 86325


More Ways to Show your Support

To donate food, follow this link and scroll down to our organization:

To donate mammal milk – different animals require different protein and fat levels in the milk for proper growth and development. We use Fox Valley Species Specific. To donate, call 1.847.679.4666 or email and they will contact you for your information.

We also accept meat donations. Contact us at 928.821.0098 to arrange drop-off.

We’ve curated a list of needs for our animals, click below to make a contribution directly from your Amazon account.


We are always in need of various things from cages to food, medical supplies, hardware for construction, even old perfume and other items for animal enrichment. If it can be used we most likely can use it, contact us at 928.821.0098 for more information.