Animal Recovery

In 2010, Runnin' W Wildlife Center started to provide recovery for the native wildlife here in Northern Arizona. State and federally licensed, we provide training courses in the care for native animal husbandry and the opportunity to be a sub-permittee. These programs are limited and are run in the spring, for more information please contact us .

If you find a seemingly orphaned animal in the wild, please, do not intervene if at all possible. In most cases the parent animal is not far away and will return if the baby is not disturbed. If you are absolutely sure the animal is orphaned, it needs the care of a specialist right away. Do not feed it, and please contact us for information on handling it.

For any birds of prey or orphaned native mammals in the Verde Valley contact us here at 928.821.0098 to arrange a drop-off time. At this time our facility cannot accommodate adult large mammals.

Liberty Wildlife

Southwest Wildlife
press '1' for Birds '2' for Mammals

Wild at Heart - Saving Birds of Prey

Please note, we do not do ‘nuisance animal’ removal and relocation.
Please contact Arizona Game & Fish for help with non-domestic animals only:

For domestic animals please contact your local animal control.

It is illegal in Arizona to take in injured or orphaned deer.

We do not admit skunks here at this facility.

Always be careful around wild mammals because rabies may be present. Symptoms don’t show until the later part of the disease.